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Why do so many manufacturers choose ECIMOS as their production system solution provider?

ECIMOS experience is unmatched. ECIMOS technologies have been implemented in manufacturing facilities all over the world for more than 30 years. From our humble beginnings in control systems and data collection, our technology has grown by leaps and bounds and across continental borders, giving us the experience to work with any industry in any nation.

ECIMOS has the expertise to serve any industry. Go ahead and look. Most testing and system integrators have special niche industries in which they operate. Some are better suited for automotive, others medical or food or refrigeration. ECIMOS has worked with major manufacturers in all major industries. Our advantage has been in our ability to adapt our technology to fit the industry we’re serving. In fact, the need for a single manufacturing technology that would cross industry borders is the reason we developed the ECIMOS platform. No other systems integrator serves more industries than ECIMOS.

ECIMOS is compatible. The beauty of the ECIMOS system is that it is not hardware dependent. While we do sell our own line of processing and quality testing equipment, ECIMOS has the ability to integrate with ANY process or equipment on your manufacturing assembly line. The easiest way is through a data connection (computer, serial port, etc.), but we can also integrate with manual processes as well. We can interface with any process, any test, and any person in your manufacturing plant.

ECIMOS is a complete package. When you purchase ECIMOS, you’re investing in a manufacturing solution that can single-handedly manage your entire manufacturing operation, from bill of materials and inventory management to warranty tracking and traceability. ECIMOS is the one-stop shop for all your manufacturing needs. One software package, unlimited potential.

ECIMOS is economical. The total cost of ownership of an ECIMOS system is competitively priced to give production management as well as accounting the ability to sleep well at night. Compare our pricing to other solutions and look out for hidden fees and upgrade charges. No surprises with ECIMOS.

ECIMOS is growing. Since we have developed ECIMOS to be a single source for all manufacturing solutions, we are constantly adding new capabilities to the system. As an ECIMOS subscriber, you have access to the latest updates and features, as well as our outstanding customer support staff.


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