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Visual Work Instructions

Do Interactive Work Instruction Systems Work?

Yes. Of course they do, but take a closer look at the Visual Work Instruction (VWI) system you are considering and ask the following questions.


Are the Work Instructions Interactive?

You can tape a printed method sheet on the wall and call it interactive because it is communication, but you’d only be half right. When you think interactive, you need to think two-way communication. Systems that merely display work instructions are nice but lack a level of interaction. It accomplishes a purpose but may still be difficult to follow. What if the Work Instructions told you what to do, step by step?  What if they set the pace for you, each step of the way, so you’d know how to pace yourself and properly follow the instructions? What if you had the ability to stop and ask questions for clarification, or review a step? Now THAT’S interactive.

ECIMOS with RealityPV is truly interactive. The system operates from programmed parameters, but it also learns your processes through the data it collects. That means, ECIMOS knows a great pace for your production. You can adjust the pace if you like. ECIMOS also declares to the production staff exactly what do to, one step at a time, using the visual and even audio ques that you desire, from simple text prompts, to method sheets, to drawings and diagrams, or even realistic 3D animations. Operators can interact with the system to review a difficult or missed step. This is logged as downtime, but will save costly rework and repairs. ECIMOS interacts every step of the way.


Are the Work Instructions Real-Time?

Tape that printed method sheet to the wall. On another line an operator has to hit the E-Stop and an air horn goes off? Did you lose your place? Did you land all the wires properly. Was it A to L on the schematic or A to I? Did you do it right? That pretty piece of paper can’t tell you. Neither can a recorded animation on a play loop. Where were you in the process when you got interrupted and what do you need to do now?

ECIMOS with RealityPV provides visual work instructions in real-time, as you need them. Because ECIMOS communicates to your in-line equipment, it knows that you’ve activated your air wrench and have fastened the bolts. Now it says you need to flip the panel over and add four more. Whether you get interrupted or just space out for a second, ECIMOS keeps up with where you are and what you need to do in real-time, allowing you to jump in right where you left off.


Are the Work Instructions Visual?

This should be easy to answer, right? Well, not all people use visual the same way though. Text is visual, but not everyone in your plant is literate, speaks the same language or is at the same reading level. A diagram is visual, but some members of the work force can’t read a diagram, or are color blind and don’t notice red-line markups. Pictures are visual, but some people have trouble seeing how to match things up. Does your system give you the flexibility to handle all these variables?

ECIMOS with RealityPV prides itself in its ability to communicate work instructions without the use of words. It was designed to instruct and guide using real-time interactive 3D animations. In fact, comparing the graphics abilities of RealityPV and other visual work animations is like comparing an XBox One game to an Atari 2600. RealityPV has the power to display your panels EXACTLY as they are, removing the guess work from the operator. No clunky representations.

But what if you don’t want 3D animations? No problem. ECIMOS with RealityPV is able to interact with whatever medium you wish to use, including still images, diagrams, method sheets, schematics, even interactive audio prompts (speech recognition software optional). The choice is yours.


Want to learn more about ECIMOS with RealityPV?  Click here to watch a sample demonstration of the RealityPV engine. When you’re done, click here to contact us and let us show you all the ways ECIMOS and RealityPV can revolutionize your manufacturing processes and save you money.