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KeyScan – Barcode Scanning System

KeyScan can function as a standalone station or incorporate into other processes or controls such as the AutoTest pictured above.

KeyScan, the ECIMOS industrial bar code scanning system for key component verification, eliminates the possibility of incorrect unit assembly, guaranteeing the right match for designated parts and sub-assemblies every time. All key components are verified by bar code to the bill of materials, item by item. Bar code scanning system modules may be positioned throughout the assembly line, wherever components are installed. Component serial numbers are then linked with unit serial numbers for complete manufacturer trace-ability.

Powered by ECIMOS software, KeyScan is able to keep track of the following parameters:

Unit Serial Number
Unit Model Number
Error Message for failed units
Component Description
Serial Number
Component Model
Pass/Fail Status
Test Date
Operator that tested unit

KeyScan’s software allows for flexible configurations. Convenient drop-down menus allow administrators to configure the station to pull information from an external bill of materials, for instance.

A Manual Component Entry utility is included that allows you to manually scan key components. If a unit comes into a station and not all the components were scanned correctly, this program may be used to scan/rescan the components before testing.

There is also a Manual I/O program. Its outputs let you control the station manually for system maintenance and troubleshooting.


Bar code scanning system interlocks prohibit units with unverified parts from proceeding to and cycling at subsequent ECIMOS stations

Allows approved component deviations for a specified quantity of units only

Records downtime incurred due to the staging of incorrect parts

Windows platform

Manual screen for maintenance control of I/O to aid in troubleshooting

Runs on network or local drive for 100% uptime

Microsoft SQL Server database

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software

Industrial bar code scanner

Industrial enclosure


The bar code scanning system eliminates the possibility of incorrect unit assembly

Provides complete manufacturer trace-ability and equipment vendor accountability

Makes warranty tracking and production recall easier

Works as a stand-alone unit or in concert with all ECIMOS modules

Bar code Scanning System interfaces directly to customer Material Resource Planning (MRP) systems

Provides support for accurate relief of inventory

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