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Manufacturing WIP Tracking Software by ECIMOS

WIP Log is a WIP (work in progress) tracking software for manufacturing that greatly enhances the efficiency of off-line assembly processes. Using a computer monitor, operators view units in real-time, by model number, as they appear on the assembly line.

Providing real-time feedback of all units in production, WIP Log tracking improves your manufacturing work flow and enhances line efficiency in a Demand Stream work environment.

By tracking your Work in Progress with ECIMOS software you’ll be able to produce only what is needed and eliminate surplus.



Plug-in WIP software module

Provides real-time information of all units in production, tracking by serial number

Launch Electronic Operational Method Sheets directly from WIP software screen as needed

Windows platform software

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software


Placement flexibility, integrating with any ECIMOS module or as a stand-alone station anywhere in your manufacturing plant

Eliminates surplus assemble only what is needed

Real-time WIP tracking software improves work-flow

Enhances process efficiency

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