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Employee Training Manufacturing Problem Solutions by ECIMOS

One of the biggest problems facing manufacturing today is the lack of a skilled labor force. Cities desperate to have a major manufacturer relocate to their town offer tax credits, land grants, and other financial concessions. Then the manufacturer informs the city that they cannot relocate because they cannot find enough skilled employees to fill the plant. Chambers of commerce and city developers have been scrambling to find a solution that will provide manufacturers and cities with a skilled labor force, creating a marriage beneficial for everyone involved.

Being in the manufacturing sector for more than 30 years, ECIMOS staff have seen the ebb and flow of manufacturing in the United States and abroad. ECIMOS has seen American manufacturing ship their operations to Mexico, Canada, to South American countries and East to Asia and India. Now it seems that many major manufacturers are reshoring their manufacturing to the US or nearshoring operations back to North America from overseas. The problem still remains. How do you educate and develop a large enough workforce economically enough to compete with outsourced production?

We could not find a solution, so ECIMOS created not one but two manufacturing solutions.

Solution 1: The ECIMOS Declarative Manufacturing Operating System

Fully integrated with 3rd party hardware, including ECIMOS own line of processing and test equipment, the ECIMOS system declares to the production workforce WHAT to do, WHEN to do it, and HOW to do it. Installed on the assembly line and integrated with assembly and processing stations, the ECIMOS system actually learns your manufacturing processes and gives management the data they need to adjust personnel, schedules, assembly times, production goals, pass/fail parameters, and more. The system then DECLARES to the operator what to do at the right time and in the right manner, all according to the desire and plan of management.

No longer will a manufacturer be held hostage by tribal knowledge or a workforce dictating the flow of production. All systems, integrated by ECIMOS, continually collect the necessary data to give managers and quality engineers the tools they need to solve quality problems, staff adequately, and set profitable standards for productivity. In a time of lean manufacturing and just in time purchasing, ECIMOS fills a void in the manufacturing world.

In the production and training environment, every action is timed and recorded. Not only does ECIMOS provide accountability for production staff, but it also provides complete traceability for your product through collected data and linked to barcodes and/or product serial numbers.

Solution 2: RealityPV real-time, interactive, visual work instructions

RealityPV is able to provide real-time, interactive visual work instructions to the plant floor, crossing language and literacy boundaries, and educating the work force. RealityPV stations can be set up in a training area or on the live production floor to give employees visual how to and instructions in real-time as they proceed with their work. The interactive touch screen controls allow the operator to pause, rewind, slow, pan, and zoom the visual depictions of their work on the screen to eliminate errors and teach them as they work.

Piping Assembly Work Instructions (link opens a new window) is a simplified example for demo purposes. As you can see, the controls in the demo are limited to play and pause, but the production version has full video control. In addition, management can set the pace for production (in this case assembly and brazing) from the backend control program, ECIMOS Conductor.

Our testing has shown that even complex assemblies such as control boxes can be wired by almost anyone when using RealityPV. In fact, we pulled a man with almost zero mechanical know-how, placed him in front of a RealityPV assembly instruction and watched him assemble a complete air conditioner control box. We then allowed him to test the control box on our WireRight control box wiring test station, also fitted with RealityPV. The man was meeting assembly line production times almost immediately. His downtime was logged and managers were able to spot areas of weakness, which were quickly corrected using the zoom and replay features of RealityPV. Think of what RealityPV can offer your manufacturing facility.

RealityPV is able to communicate using traditional text prompts if that’s what you want to do. It can display electronic method sheets (e-method sheets), pull up schematics or drawings, or other visual aids. RealityPV real power is best seen when using 3d animation. Most plants do not have a team of production animators, so ECIMOS has taken that step for you, giving you the ability to create interactive 3d assembly instructions for your plant workers.


With ECIMOS and the optional RealityPV add-on, cities and manufacturers have a reliable tool to develop a strong workforce to meet the technological demands of todays manufacturing without spending millions on specialized training facilities or equipment.

Contact ECIMOS today and let us demonstrate to your manufacturing management or civic group the many ways ECIMOS is solving employee training and workforce development problems.