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LayIn – Bar Code Printing & Initialization

barcode printer with ecimosLayIn is the first IPCS module on the assembly line.

Units are given their unique bar code identity at LayIn. Operators view units on the computer monitor as they appear in the master schedule. Selecting the unit model by clicking the mouse or touching the unit on a touchscreen monitor signals LayIn to automatically generate the units bar code label.

For those with appropriate security rights, LayIn offers the ability to skip over units (as they appear in the master production schedule) to accommodate plant-floor conditions.


Interfaces directly to your build schedule

Allows editing of master schedule to accommodate plant-floor conditions

Initiates the unit into the IPCSdatabase

Prints bar code label

Gives unit a unique identity that is traced throughout the assembly process

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software


Bar code printing is completely integrated into the IPCS

Allows you to track every unit by serial number from the beginning of the manufacturing process

Industries Served::

Appliance Manufacturers


Medical Manufacturing

Food and Beverage Production

HVAC/R Manufacturers

Military & Aeronautic Manufacturing