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ECIMOS VacuCharge Single-point Evacuation and Refrigerant Charging Station, eliminates the need for a maintenance-intensive evacuation pump carousel – saving space, time and money. The units are evacuated to a customer-configurable vacuum level, vacuum decay checked and automatically charged with refrigerant- all in one hook-up. The computer based system maximizes production efficiency by guaranteeing correct evacuation and refrigerant charging weights.

Features:refrigerant charge board

Fully customizable hardware layout and connection design

Interlocks with all ECIMOS integrated stations

Programmable test parameters

Displays average cycle time and quantity of units through station

Refrigerant temperature compensation

Windows platform

Calibration software included

Computer controlled sequence of operations

Manual screen for maintenance control of I/O to aid in troubleshooting

Display of plant refrigerant pressure

Real time display or graph of all refrigerant charging process variables: vacuum, flow rate, inputs, outputs, etc

Microsoft SQL Server database

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software



Each station is stand-alone, providing inherent backup

No loss of vacuum between evacuation and refrigerant charging

Leading edge moisture evacuation technology

Runs on network or local drive for 100% uptime

Complete refrigerant accountability (each station reclaims the normally vented gas)

Password protected, user-friendly setting of refrigerant charging control limits


Additional Options:

DualCharge – Add dual refrigerant capability

TriCharge – Add triple refrigerant capability

CrossCheck – eliminate cross contamination hazards


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