Home BlueBox SR-Delivery – Single Refrigerant Delivery System

SR-Delivery is ECIMOS Single-station Refrigerant Delivery System, including a Haskel pump and refrigerant accumulator. Utilizing a Haskel air pressure pump, the system extracts the refrigerant from the supply tank into your ECIMOS refrigerant charging station. The accumulator ensures that the flow of the liquid refrigerant is regulated, so that your charging station will receive a consistent flow of liquid refrigerant. When coupled with ECIMOS VacuCharge station the customer has the option of integrating a digital scale, sized to measure the remaining refrigerant. VacuCharge then monitors the scale, thus preventing partial charges and/or damage to the flow meter due to flashing (change from liquid to gaseous state of the refrigerant).

Delivery System:

single refrigerant delivery system

Dimensions: W-36, D-18, H-48

Bypass Low Pressure & On/Off Switches

Outlet/Inlet Pressure Gauges: Lab Quality

High/Low Refrigerant Pressure Lights

In/Out Valves



Digital Scale

Integration of scale to ECIMOS charging station



Refrigerants: Multiple

Nitrogen Bladder


Haskel Pump:

Refrigerants: Multiple

Control Circuit: 80-100 PSIG Shop Air

Storage Capacity: By customer supplied refrigerant storage tank



Refrigerant inlet connection to supply tank

Refrigerant outlet connection to VacuCharge

Plant air inlet connection to plant air service

Refrigerant pressure relief vented to outside