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Order Status Software by ECIMOS

UnitTrack software allows you to view the order status of your units in real-time.

Unit serial numbers are associated with order (lot) numbers. Each ECIMOS integrated station throughout the assembly line uses the unit serial number to record collected data. When an order number is entered into UnitTrack, the program queries the Microsoft SQL Server database as to the status (or position) of the serial numbers associated with the given order number.

Features & Uses:

Learn the status of units by entering a serial number or an order number

Units displayed in real-time

Used by anyone wishing to track the status of units or orders: Manufacturing, Production, Sales and order processing, Shipping and Receiving, Quality


Software Highlights :

Runs from any networked PC

Used by anyone wishing to track order status

Microsoft Visual Basic application

Microsoft SQL Server database

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software


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