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BlueBox Stations by ECIMOS

computerized test equipment for appliance manufacturers

Our BlueBox line of test and processing equipment is unsurpassed in quality and features. From lay in and key component tracking to automated performance tests and packing system

watchdogs, ECIMOS has a processing or testing station to benefit your manufacturing line. Look at any major manufacturer. Chances are they’ve got at least one of our BlueBox stations. Sometimes competitors have blue stations in plants. That doesn’t bother us. We’ve been converting competitor stations and integrating 3rd party systems for customers for decades. Ask us how we can help get your assembly line on the same system. We can do it.

Our typical BlueBox measures 60″ tall, 20″ wide, 13″ deep, and will fit almost anywhere on your assembly line. How can we fit so much stuff into our panels? Good engineering, my friend. Almost every ECIMOS hardware application comes in this standard footprint, making it simpler on you and your floor management to insert ECIMOS wherever you need it to go.

Got a special need? OSHA requiring the panel to be under the conveyor? We can customize panels to meet your needs. All you have to do is ask.

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