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E-Method Operational Method Sheet Solution by ECIMOS

E-Method™ provides electronic work instructions and operational method sheets in real-time! These paperless systems ensure that each manufacturing process is done correctly the first time, every time.

E-Method work instruction systems make new operator training effortless. Step-by-step Work Instruction sets are displayed on-demand or may be configured to appear as specified by the system administrator.

Without the right tools, production efficiency suffers when experienced personnel are absent due to sickness, retirement, or resignation.

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• Plug-in software module

• Commonly used in conjunction with WIPLog™

• Able to display

  • Operator training instructions
  • Digital images
  • Graphics
  • Method sheets
  • Instructions
  • Call outs
  • Drawings

• Windows® platform

• Powered by ECIMOS Manufacturing Operating System



• Reduces operator error

• Provides real-time feedback

• Ideal for operator training

• Ensures most current information for operators

• Paperless system

• Saves time & money by eliminating paper

• Eliminates operator-specific dependency

• Shares task-specific knowledge

• Automatic retrieval of manufacturing method



Areas of use:

• Any sub-assembly process

• Testing Stations

• Compressor lay-in

• Outdoor fan assembly

• Blower assembly

• Control box assembly

• Operator training stations