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Helium Leak Testing Systems

Why helium leak testing?

Your goal is to find and repair a leak prior to the evacuation and charge process, eliminating the costly rework and the compromised quality that comes from repairing a leak in a charged unit. LeakProof, ECIMOS Integrity and Helium Leak Testing Systems, are located immediately after the assembly and brazing of the refrigeration circuit. These helium leak testing systems may also be located in coil sub-assembly areas. LeakProof’s sequence of operation is computer-controlled, its parameters are model specific, and it satisfies the requirements of “UL”. Integrate it with ECIMOS Brazer Performance Tracking System to qualify or disqualify brazers.

Powered by ECIMOS manufacturing operating system, LeakProof is able to keep track of the following parameters:helium leak test station

Unit Serial Number
Unit Model Number
Error Message for failed units
Component Description
Serial Number
Component Model
Pass/Fail Status
Test Date
Operator that tested unit
Cycle Time
Leak Detector Verification
Evacuation Pressures and Times
Helium Pressures and Fill Times
Decay Parameters
Vent Parameters
Helium Sniff Time

LeakProof’s software allows for flexible configurations. Convenient drop-down menus allow administrators to configure the station to pull information from an external bill of materials, for instance.

There is also a Manual I/O program. Its outputs let you control the station manually for system maintenance and troubleshooting.


Tests performed: pressure decay ( weld quality testing ), UL burst, helium leak, and restriction testing

Programmable leak testing parameters

Calibration verification schedule of Inficon mass spectrometer is computer mandated

Integrated operator protection features

Displays average cycle time and quantity of units through the station

Manual screen for maintenance control of I/O to aid in troubleshooting

Interlocks prohibit failed or untested units from cycling at subsequent ECIMOS integrated stations

Runs on network or local drive for 100% uptime

Microsoft SQL Server database

Windows platform

Powered by ECIMOS’ Integrated Process Control Software


ECIMOS Helium Leak Testing Systems Perform multiple tests in one convenient hook-up

Verifies coil integrity prior to evacuation and charging, saving costly reworks

Increased quality containment for greater customer satisfaction

Satisfies UL burst testing safety requirements

Integrates with ECIMOS Brazer Performance Tracking System to qualify or disqualify brazers


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