Computer Integrated Testing and Process Control Systems for Manufacturing Industry

If you are an appliance manufacturer of
air conditioners, refrigerators, ovens, automobiles, heat pumps, compressors, coils, coolers, chillers, furnaces, freezers or ranges and are experiencing problems with your current quality testing or process controls,

you need to read this.

ECIMOS’s manufacturing execution system software and hardware solutions are used by industry leading manufacturers around the world to improve quality AND productivity. Many report returns on investment in the millions of dollars.

Don’t gamble on just any technology provider or an ECIMOS clone. Let ECIMOS give you the lean manufacturing solution you need

Call us at 901-490-8044 to discuss your manufacturing production systems needs.

You are also welcome to email our Sales Director anytime to discuss current projects or to request free information.


ECIMOS at a Glance:

Providing testing and process control systems for industry leaders with more than 30 years of engineering and manufacturing experience

Originators of the ECIMOS Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a fully integrated, plant-wide manufacturing operating system

Dedicated hardware line for HVAC and Appliance testing and manufacturing

Systems integration, computer programming, and manufacturing solutions

More than 1000 (and counting) successfull installations in North America and abroad.

Proven technology. Proven ROI.


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