Figure A: Reject Rates Case Study

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Better ROI with ECI Technology

• Practically eliminate your DOAs (Dead On Arrivals)
• Slash your warranty costs by as much as 90%*
• Increase production line efficiency
• Reduce costly re-works with related scrap and OT costs
• Lower labor grade requirements and training costs
• Enable inventory reduction through Demand Stream Technology
• Increase your man/machine hour efficiencies
• Improve brand image and sales through an increase in quality
• Handle numerous models/brands with computer integration
• Empower R&D with reports and real-time data

Let's focus on just one of these for a moment: Warranty costs (In-Field Rejects). According to Warranty Week, in their June, 2003 issue, the average manufacturer spends 1.9% of product revenue, fulfilling warranty claims. That's $1,900,000 for a manufacturer with $100,000,000 yearly sales revenue. Imagine slashing that by 90%*.

Keeping that in mind, let's look at how ECI's Integrated Process Control System (IPCS) can impact those in-field rejects and warranty costs. The numbers shown on these graphs came from a very high volume manufacturer. At the top, before the installation of our IPCS, the in-plant reject codes were in the 17-18% range, and in-field warranty claims were in the 5-6% range. Both of these were undesirable reject rates.

After the IPCS started screening out defective units, the in-plant rejects sky-rocketed and the field claims approached zero. With warranty claims dropping, our client was free to focus their attention on problems in their plant that were causing the in-plant rejects, and they started eliminating them one by one. They called in their suppliers and talked to them about their component problems. They also improved the assembly process, the drawings, and other factors that they found necessary to lower that reject rate. As both of these rates (in-plant and in-field rejects) decreased, their profitability went up. Yours could, too.

In the Words of our Customers...

"We are no longer allowed to bypass the ECI Watchdog since field failures are virtually eliminated."
AutoTest and IPCS Engineer, York International

"The ECI IPCS kept us from spoiling the introduction of a new product and saved marketing an embarrassment."
Manufacturing Engineer, York International

"This system paid for itself in the first five months, well before our projections…"
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Nordyne

(After a 1.5 million dollar investment in 1993)
"If we ripped this system out after the first year, it still would have paid for itself."
Quality Control Manager, Carrier

"We consistently approach zero DOA's."
Quality Control Manager, Carrier

 "I just wanted to take a few minutes to send a sincere "Thank you!" to you and ECI for the excellent customer service that you have provided to the Copeland Corporation.

From conceptual stages to "service after the sale", each time that I have requested information, assistance, or training, you have provided us with immediate detailed attention and solutions.  I have NEVER been placed on hold, nor received abstract answers to questions.

Customer service oriented vision, mission, and values are clearly in place at ECI."
Lead Project Engineer, Copeland Corporation

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