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Final Refrigerant Leak Detector

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A refrigerant leak identified at a customer site is not acceptable. Yet it can occur as a result of the system running at operational pressures during run test and/or the sealing of process tubes. Located after ECI's AutoTest™ Module, Final-Leak Plus™, our Refrigerant Leak Detector Test, is a final assurance that refrigerant leaks will be found at your plant instead of in the field. Teaming with ECI's LeakProof™ Module, Final-Leak Plus™ closes the loop, assuring customers of your zero tolerance for leaks.

Additional functionality may be built in to Final-Leak Plus (upon customer request), such as:

• Scanning key components

• Scanning of printed materials in preparation for final packaging

• Printing a unit report card on-demand

E-mail us about your plant's needs,
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• User defined report variables

• Calibration verification schedule of refrigerant leak detector is computer mandated

• Displays average cycle time and quantity of units through the station

• Manual screen for maintenance control of I/O to aid in leak detector troubleshooting

• Runs on network or local drive for 100% uptime

• Microsoft® SQL Server® database

• Windows® platform

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software



• Computer integrated leak detector

• Increased Quality Containment, detecting potential refrigerant leaks that can result from running the system at operational pressures at run test and/or the sealing of process tubes

• User defined, custom reports of various unit tests and performance results increase consumer confidence in your commitment to quality

• Interlocks prohibit failed or untested units from cycling at subsequent ECI IPCS stations





• Touch screen monitor

• Cordless bar code scanner

• Capable of scanning key components

• Customer specified PC

• Integrates with customer specified refrigerant gas leak detector

• Customizable hardware

Service Commitment:

• On-site start-up assistance

• On-site training

• Lifetime software warranty

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