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You can't afford to gamble on just any technology provider.

You could be stuck with
• Untested and unproven equipment.
• Buggy software.
• Pre-recorded phone messages in the middle of your downtime emergency.
• Missed start-up dates.
• Shady quotes with hidden costs.
• Or a fly by night company that can’t support what they sell.

In short, it could be a disaster. Millions of dollars are at stake. Corporate market share is at stake. Your job is at stake.

No. You can’t afford to gamble on a provider. But neither can you afford to hang on to your outdated process control and testing equipment. Trying to compete in today’s market using stone age technology is futile. So what do you do? You need to stack up all your options. ECI provides a free report to help you do just that, which you can request by clicking here.

ECI is not a gamble.

ECI has served industry leaders like Carrier, York, Nordyne and Lennox for more than 20 years. (Click to view client list.) We're a well-established OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), with an 8,000 square foot corporate office headquarters and a 12,000 square foot manufacturing/testing facility located in Collierville, Tennessee. You are more than welcome to schedule a visit.

We always offer a “No Surprises” quote our customers can hold us to, a lifetime software warranty, and easy access to our fully staffed in-house team of engineers and programmers who can quickly respond to your requests. ECI's systems are found in more than 680 installations in five different countries, and we have an excellent track record for meeting customer start-up dates–better than 97% over the past three years.

Many of our clients are reporting Returns on Investment (ROI) in the millions of dollars. You can read some of their own words on our "Better ROI with ECI" page. It is a testament to ECI’s commitment to quality and service that we have ongoing current sales from clients who have been with us since our incorporation in 1984. In fact, the vast majority of our revenue is generated by repeat sales. Furthermore, of those of our clients who are large enough to own multiple operating facilities, several, after seeing significant returns on their original investment, have chosen to make similar investments in their other plants. One large corporation has ECI on the lines of seven of its manufacturing plants! Only satisfied customers keep coming back for more.

Request Your Free Report.

If you are new to ECI and would like a quick way to learn about what we have to offer your company, simply click on the Information Packet button to request our FREE Information Packet today. It includes ECI's Interactive Demo CD and an informative report entitled "Ranking Technology Providers: How they stack up and what to look out for." This helpful report teaches you "20 questions you need to ask the next so-called 'technology provider' when he calls" and documents ECI's candid answers to those questions.

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