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In today's competitive marketplace, middle management is constantly bombarded with directives like "cut cost", "reduce inventories", "improve efficiencies", and "improve quality". But it can be a daunting challenge to have a fluid production schedule that has to respond to the changing demands of the market and unpredictable order fulfillment. Changing production line-ups can lead to operator confusion, incorrect assembly, inconsistent quality and inefficient production. In order to meet these demands, plant managers are looking to streamline their production lines with Demand Stream Technologies (DST). Through the use of cutting-edge technology, manufacturing facilities can respond to the changing demands of the market, while actually increasing productivity and quality.

Computer generated real time information makes the transition to DST achievable. ECI, a leading provider of Demand Stream Technology, offers complete solutions for a variety of manufacturing scenarios. Whether you are in the HVAC/R, Appliance, Coil or Compressor Manufacturing Industry, our Integrated Process Control System (IPCS) is a customizable network of hardware and software that can equip your facilities to be on the cutting edge of Demand Stream Manufacturing.

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From order tracking to final pack-out, ECI is committed to assist you in becoming more efficient, productive and profitable with Demand Stream Technology.

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