In-house Engineering & Programming Services




Make certain your "technology provider" has the
in-house expertise to design, program, build and support

everything they sell.

Did you know that there are “providers” out there that don’t have a single computer programmer on staff? Where does that leave you when you discover a glitch in the software, or even when you need a simple update to accommodate a new product line? There are others with only one or two engineers who are spread so thin that it’s near impossible to reach them in the middle of your downtime emergency. You’ll be left talking to a salesman who doesn’t have the foggiest idea how to troubleshoot your I/O configuration. Then you’ll be left waiting as they try to track down an answer from some third party. In the meantime, you’re line is down, costing you thousands of dollars per day.

Furthermore, if they have to outsource engineering, programming or manufacturing, there’s a good chance that your production start-up dates will be jeopardized. And instead of owning up to their failure, they’ll give you the run around and pass the blame to whomever it is they happen to outsource from.

These are the kinds of headaches you can avoid with a full service provider like ECI. We’re not some “one man show” operating out of our garage. ECI is a well-established engineering firm and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), with an 8,000 square foot corporate office headquarters and a 12,000 square foot manufacturing/testing facility located in Collierville, Tennessee. You are more than welcome to schedule a visit to see for yourself. All of our systems are engineered, designed, programmed, built and supported by our in-house team of experienced electrical engineers, mechanical designers, computer programmers and production technicians.

With ECI your system is engineered and designed in-house. The software is written in-house. Your equipment is manufactured in-house. This full service approach guarantees a known start-up date, streamlined project coordination, accountability and an unparalleled level of support after the sale.

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