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Our Integrated Process Control System (IPCS), produced exclusively by ECI, is a fully integrated, fully computerized, process control system originally designed specifically for refrigerant bearing appliance manufacturers. ECI has since designed Integrated Process Control Systems for appliance manufacturers and other industries as well. By putting the control in your hands, the Integrated Process Control System improves both your quality and production efficiency.

The modular design of the Integrated Process Control System allows you flexibility, from a single test station to a total solutions system. Your options may include Integrity and Helium Leak Test, Single-Point Evacuation and Charge, Automatic Run Test, Final Leak Test, Key Component Verification, Control Panel Testing, Customer Watchdog, Conveyor and Material Handling Controls, and Network Installation.

Our Integrated Process Control System supports all major networking systems, with universal database compatibility. Our key component verification guarantees the right match for parts, every time. Our evacuation and charge stations provide full refrigerant accountability. Our process control software is fully customizable, and comes with a lifetime warranty. We're the only ones who can offer you a testing and information collecting system that is there every single step of the way. And so are we.

The following is an example of an Integrated Process Control System on for an HVAC assembly line:

1. Key Component Verification Station - The Key Component Verification (KCV) Station eliminates the possibility of incorrect unit assembly, guaranteeing the right match for designated parts and sub assemblies, every time. As a stand-alone station, or as an addition to any other Integrated Process Control System station, KCV is invaluable. All key components are verified against the bill of materials, item by item. Stations may be positioned throughout the assembly line, wherever components are installed. Component serial numbers are then linked with unit serial numbers for complete manufacturer tracking. This module of the Integrated Process Control System allows the operator to systematically verify that the correct parts have been installed in the correct units - making defect reduction, warranty tracking and supplier recall assistance easier and more accessible.

2. Integrity and Helium Leak Test Station - A refrigerant leak at the end of your line means lost time and money. The Integrated Process Control System has a better way to test by utilizing the ECI Integrity & Helium Leak Test Station. These computer-based stations may be located in coil sub-assembly areas, in addition to the final assembly line. The sequence of operation is computer-controlled, and parameters are model-specific. The leak detector calibration is computer-verified prior to each or a user selectable number of cycle(s). If a leak is detected, defect codes are entered to identify the joint and the responsible brazer. All in a process that satisfies the documentation requirements of UL. Thus, this station of the Integrated Process Control System eliminates the cost associated with reworking a unit to repair a leak after refrigerant charging by identifying leaks prior to charging.

3. Single Point Evacuation and Charge Station - The single point Evacuation and Charge Station eliminates the need for a maintenance-intensive evacuation pump carousel - saving you space, time and money. Our Integrated Process Control System enables each operator to handle multiple stations at a time, efficiently. The units are evacuated to a customer-configurable vacuum level, vacuum-decay checked and automatically charged - all in one hook-up. The computer-based system maximizes production efficiency by guaranteeing correct evacuation and charge weights.

4. Performance Run Test Station - The Integrated Process Control System's computer-based Performance Test stations have been developed for a number of products, from refrigerators to furnaces, from heat pumps to washers and dryers. A computer-controlled sequence of operation eliminates operator dependency. All collected data is automatically written to the Integrated Process Control System's database by serial number. Highly reliable, entirely adaptable. This station is custom-built from design to installation to test selected functions of your unit.

5. Final Leak Station - Your assurance that no leaks have occurred during the running and the completing of the manufacturing processes. The Final Leak Test, like all of the Integrated Process Control System stations, verifies that the unit has successfully passed all previous Integrated Process Control System tests. Leaving nothing to chance.

6. Packout- The ECI Watchdog - The Watchdog is your guarantee that your customer receives the best quality product that you can provide. An all-encompassing crosscheck through all Integrated Process Control System processes, the Watchdog is the final assurance that each unit has passed all previous quality tests. No defect gets through the Integrated Process Control System. Electrical interlocks prohibit final packing and shipping until all tests have been passed. That gives your customer a consistent level of quality.....guaranteed.

If you would like to learn more about how ECI can help your plant implement an Integrated Process Control System, please request our free "Revolutionize Your Assemly Line" CD Set and Ranking Technology Providers Report.

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