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In addition to Pre-Process testing, quality assurance managers are recognizing the necessity of testing the completed unit with Full-Function Automated Performance Testing before it is shipped to the consumer. It’s one thing to know that all the right parts were added to the unit, but it’s infinitely better for quality assurance testing to know that when the unit is plugged in it runs as it was designed to.

ECI's AutoTest™ computer-based automated test stations have been developed to provide quality assurance testing for a number of products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, washers and dryers. An automated, computer-controlled sequence of operation eliminates operator dependency. All collected testing data for each piece of equipment is automatically written to the database per serial number. Highly reliable, entirely adaptable, all of AutoTest's equipment and software is custom-built from design to installation to test all the functions of your particular unit, assuring the highest level of quality assurance testing.

Some of the typical tests that are performed by AutoTest include: hipot, ground continuity, ground bond, low voltage start, starting and run current, compressor overload, cooling/heating temperatures, suction and discharge pressures, unit vibration, unit voltage, current and power, 4-way valve operation, fan operation, 24 VAC winding check, wiring harness verification, gas flow rate, microcompressor control verification, and individual component current. You simply hook the unit up, scan its serial number and press “Start”. AutoTest automatically runs the process, collects the data, and passes or fails the unit according to your quality assurance testing parameters.

Virtually all manufacturers have some form of limited quality assurance testing program. At the bare minimum they run hipot or electrical safety testing, but the trend is to move to full-function performance testing for tighter quality assurance. For example, in the air conditioner industry, manufacturers used to (a few still do) perform a run test without the unit being fully charged with refrigerant. ECI’s station, on the other hand, allows the unit to be hooked up to an evaporator and run as it would in the consumer’s home. Because of this, one prominent manufacturer unearthed a hard-start problem in their design when running their brand new line through AutoTest that wouldn’t have been detected by other limited quality assurance testing. This enabled their design team to correct the issue before the product was released into the market place, saving the company a significant marketing embarrassment. They were so appreciative that they had ECI sign the first unit, which is displayed in their foyer to this day.

If you would like to learn more about how ECI can help your plant implement an effective system of Quality Assurance Testing, please request our free Information Packet and Report–Ranking Technology Providers.

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