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SCADA Production Monitoring System

SCADA production monitoring software

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An integrated production monitoring system for your assembly line.

ProMonitor™ is a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Production monitoring software utility used by anyone wishing to view the details and line status of each assembly line running InterLink™. With the ProMonitor production monitoring system you can collect data from every integrated station and know what tests have been run, how many units have passed, first pass rates, station utilization, takt times, production line efficiency and more. See real-time information about all of your stations and operators, or run station history reports to evaluate areas where your production could be more efficient.

It also serves as a Schedule Utility used by supervisors to set schedules for each line.

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Collected Data Samples:

• Stations in operation

• Scheduled operation

• Units produced

• TAKT time monitoring

• Production line efficiency

• Operator performance

• Tests run

• First pass rates

• Scheduling



• Monitoring production in real-time from one computer monitor

• Easily measure the effect of new procedures/tests on production line efficiency

• Track station and operator performance

• Run reports from collected data to evaluate areas for increased production line efficiency and profitability

• SCADA - Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software


Used By:

• Production Managers

• Supervisors

• Network Administrators

• Quality Control Personnel

See also: OverView TAKT Time and Production Monitoring


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