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TAKT Time & Production Monitoring

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Do you want to manage your production line with real-time information?

ECI's OverView™ TAKT Time and Production Monitoring System provides assembly line supervisors and operators with a real-time visual indication of their line's progress in meeting required production. The actual production quantity, the target (desired) quantity, the actual TAKT Time and the remaining TAKT time now in progress are all displayed in real time, and refreshed at customer specified intervals. Information for each display on each assembly line may be viewed remotely from any computer on the network running ECI's Interlink™ Office software. This computer may also be connected to the plant clock for synchronizing the OverView displays and monitoring production. ECI's user interface allows entry of scheduling information, shift start and end times, lunch and break times, and safety meetings.


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• Full Matrix Sign (128 column wide, .3" pitch, 256K RAM, indoor applications)

• Length: 42.82", Height, 23.64", Case Depth, 7", Rows, 64

• 8-line, 2 inch high, tri-color, 32 characters per line sign is visible at 100 ft.

• Displays desired line cycle time (TAKT time) and a countdown of the current cycle

• Real-time production monitoring data

• Displays scheduled production total and current time of day

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software, allowing schedule data to be input from any networked computer

• Programmable to intersperse any message of your choice at any programmable interval

• Windows® platform



• Instant access to real-time production statistics

• Monitoring production and TAKT time provides objective criteria for measuring line and shift performance

• With ethernet connectivity, one or more signs can be utilized wherever line process information is needed

• Useful for disseminating morale or informational messages

• Keeps employees informed and motivated

• Visible at 100 ft.




Services Needed:

• 120Volts of AC power for each sign

• Network connection

Additional Information:

OverView displays and ECI's downtime accountability systems have also been credited by ECI clients for improving the prompt return of production personnel in returning from breaks and beginning and ending shifts on time.

This system requires a soft input (text file) in order to increment the actual production count on the display. A soft-input is an input from a piece of software that signals a passed unit. The OverView system is a Microsoft® Visual Basic™ software application.

Available option: A hard-input, which is a hardware device that communicates to the OverView PC to indicate that a unit has been successfully manufactured and is ready for shipping. Hard-inputs are usually a photo-eye or a proximity/limit switch. 

OverView displays having scrolling message capability. Messages may be interspersed between production information like "Happy birthday Mr. Plant Manager," or "Welcome, Prospective Distributor" or "Safety meeting today at 3:00PM."

ECI offers on-site training as well as production assistance. Remote, internet-based troubleshooting allows system support from any location in the world.


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