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Congratulations to Copeland's Air Conditioning Compressor Division for winning Emerson's Quality Award! (read about it here)

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Produced exclusively by ECI for industry leading compressor manufacturers. Our Compressor IPCS is a fully integrated, fully computerized, process control system–designed specifically for air conditioner compressor manufacturing. By putting the control in your hands, the IPCS (Integrated Process Control System) improves both your quality and production efficiency. The modular design of the IPCS allows you flexibility, from a single test station to a total solutions system. Our IPCS Windows® based software supports all major networking systems with universal database compatibility, is fully customizable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Learn how ECI is helping some of the world's top manufacturers of air conditioner compressors improve their quality and attract large OEMs with their standard-setting reputations for reliable performance. Navigate through the Product Categories (top right) to collect more information on individual IPCS modules, or request our FREE Information Packet today. It includes ECI's Interactive Demo CD and an informative report entitled "Ranking Technology Providers: How they stack up and what to look out for."

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