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Refrigerant Recovery System

refrigerant recovery system

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SR-Reclaim™ is ECI's Single-station Refrigerant Recovery System. The system is designed for ease of use and efficiency and is customized to your specific refrigerant recovery needs. SR-Reclaim requires no permanent installation, allowing you to move from station to station.

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• Refrigerant recovery system dimensions: W-28", D-24", H-60" (with casters)

• Weight: 325 lbs (approx)

• Refrigerants: Multiple

• Refrigerant recovery system capacity: 5 lbs liquid per minute (vapor slightly less)

• Control Circuit: 115/120 VAC 60 Hz

• Storage Capacity: 90 lbs on-board

• Pressure Guages: Lab Quality

• In/Out Valves: 1/4" SAE Male Flares

• Casters: 5" Heavy duty ball bearing



• The addition of a deep vacuum booster allows refrigerant recovery at up to 5 points

• All items mountable on a pallet for mobility (in place of casters)



• No permanent installation is required with this refrigerant recovery system

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