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Technology Enhancements

IPCS Hardware
Our systems are built to last a long, long time. We use only world-class suppliers who pass our stringent requirements of vendor certification. As technology moves forward, so do we. We use only proven, leading-edge components in our test and process control systems. We are happy to provide a consultation to analyze your existing IPCS hardware in order to offer our suggested technology upgrades.

Hardware enhancement examples:
• Refrigerant charging hoses replaced
• Convert single charge system to dual refrigerant
• Add oil charging capability
• Replace out-dated components—for example, replace BRICK IO with SNAP IO
• Re-configure hardware layout to accommodate new assembly line
• Add hardware to accommodate new model
• Convert to single or dual refrigerant
• Add fully automated, fully integrated Hipot test
• Replace mushroom head palm buttons with ergonomically-friendly capacitive buttons
• Replace sail switch with much more reliable ping-pong ball cylinder
• Replace fixed transformers with variable transformers

IPCS Software
Our InterLink™ Floor and InterLink™ Office software is enhanced with each installation. To keep you on the leading edge of technology, you’ll want to take advantage of these improvements as they’re made.
Software enhancement examples:
• Enhanced drivers for greater resolution of analog devices
• Better IPCS reporting software
• Faster parameter analysis tools
• Microsoft® SQL Server® database revisions
• Integration of new IPCS programs into existing ones. For example, integrating E-Method™ sheets into AutoTest™ software
• More efficient operator prompts
• Advanced artificial intelligence for determining parameters

New Product Realization Impact Study (NPRIS)
Upon request, ECI will conduct a New Product Realization Impact Study (NPRIS) to evaluate the feasibility of testing new models introduced after the original production date of the IPCS.

ECI requires comprehensive specifications of units to be processed with such information as complete wiring schematics, mechanical drawings, microprocessor controls, unit footprint, etc. The purpose of the NPRIS is to make recommendations about the testing and processing of the unit. Items affected may be unit fittings and connections, material handling controls, as well as hardware and software. Upon completion of the NPRIS, ECI will provide a quotation for any necessary modifications to the IPCS to accommodate the new unit model.

Converting existing/competitor’s equipment
At ECI, we understand that capital equipment purchases are not easily justified. Perhaps you’ve already made a sizeable investment in one or several pieces of equipment when you decide to pursue the IPCS. That’s OK. We want your business, and we want you to start realizing the tangible benefits of the IPCS as soon as possible. We’re flexible.

We are happy to analyze your existing process equipment and make any recommendations we can. In some cases, we’re able to re-use lots of hardware. Sometimes not. Each customer is unique. Re-using existing hardware is treated on a case-by-case basis. Sometimes the hardware needs to be modified by our own fabrication department; sometimes the modifications are performed by the customer. Whichever the case, the bottom line is the same—we want you as a life-long, satisfied ECI customer. We’re willing to work hard to accommodate your individual situation.

In all cases of converting existing equipment, the software is replaced by InterLink™ Office, InterLink™ Floor, and Microsoft® SQL Server® database. Our experience in converting existing/competitors' equipment spans two decades. Take the first step in realizing the benefits of the IPCS—contact ECI today for a free, in-house consultation to review your current processes.

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