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Automated Production Testing

There are 1,900,000 reasons why you should invest in thorough production testing.

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Production Testing to the 1,900,000th Degree

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Production testing can bring you significant returns on your investment. According to Warranty Week, in their June, 2003 issue, the average manufacturer spends 1.9% of product revenue, fulfilling warranty claims. That's $1,900,000 per year for a manufacturer with $100,000,000 yearly sales revenue. Imagine slashing that by as much as 90% with automated production testing. Our full-function production testing stations and IPCS are so effective at catching defects and dropping warranties that many of our clients report the systems paying for themselves in six months to a year! (Client Testimonies)

ECI's AutoTest™ computer-based production testing stations have been developed for a number of products, including refrigerators, air conditioners, furnaces, washers and dryers. An automated, computer-controlled sequence of operation eliminates operator dependency. All collected testing data for each piece of equipment is automatically written to the database per serial number. Highly reliable, entirely adaptable, all of ECI's automated production testing equipment and software is custom-built from design to installation to test every function of your unit.

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Typical Tests:

• Hipot testing (QuadTech)

• Ground continuity testing

• Ground bond testing

• Low voltage start

• Starting and run current

• Compressor overload

• Cooling/heating temperatures

• Suction and discharge pressures

• Unit vibration testing

• Unit voltage, current and power

• 4-way valve operation

• 24 VAC winding check

• Wiring harness verification

• Gas flow rate

• Microcompressor controls

• Individual component current


In addition to these savings in warranty costs, there are other convincing benefits that accompany production testing and increased product quality. Take brand image, for example.

Most corporations spend millions of dollars each year on advertising campaigns that will increase product awareness and brand image. Strong branding is key to developing buyer preference in a competitive market and to driving sales. But there is more to your brand image than a slick looking magazine ad.

Nothing diminishes brand image more than insufficient production testing and slack quality control. Every time a defect leaves your plant and reaches the consumer, it erodes your most valuable asset–your reputation. We’re all familiar with the damaging influence of negative word-of-mouth “advertising” when a customer has a bad experience with a product. According to a recent study conducted by Huba and McConnell, published in the book “Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force”, a disgruntled customer is likely to tell 10-16 other potential buyers about the headaches associated with owning your brand, steering friends and acquaintances straight to your competition.

FACT: Defects in the field negatively affect your ability to generate repeat sales as disgruntled consumers are more likely to switch brands. Thorough production testing catches defects in the plant, before they ever reach the consumer.

FACT: It is always more cost effective to sell to existing customers than to reach new ones.

FACT: Poor quality adversely affects new sales as well as repeat sales, due to the impact of negative word-of-mouth advertising.

FACT: ECI’s production testing customers routinely report dramatic reductions of DOA’s (Dead On Arrivals), field failures and warranty claims. Our automated testing systems will catch literally thousands of unit defects this year in plants around the world.

FACT: ECI has noted a strong relationship between levels of investment in production testing / quality and market performance.

“We’ve picked up millions of dollars of new business, mostly due to our consistently high level of quality.”
Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Nordyne

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