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PLC control and integration is handled seamlessly with ECI's Integrated Process Control System (IPCS). The IPCS allows total integration of your existing process control, testing, and fabrication equipment—regardless of manufacturer. A networked PC provides a user-friendly interface between the proprietary network(s) of your existing PLC’s and the IPCS, offering complete flexibility and complete integration. Any PLC controlled machine or device may be integrated into the IPCS. All PLC control data is monitored and recorded for reporting and analysis.

Real-time status reporting is available.

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Integrate the following PLC Control systems under one Microsoft® Visual Basic® platform using Microsoft® SQL Server® database:

• Material handling systems

• Coil benders

• Vision systems

• Torque guns



• Fin presses

• Punches

• Component manufacturing

• Paint systems

• Welding systems

• Barcode applicators



• Dehydration ovens

• Autobrazers

• Refrigerant delivery/reclaim systems

• Helium delivery/reclaim systems

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Bar Code Scanning System

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