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Industrial Downtime Tracking & Prevention

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DownAlert™ is ECI's Industrial Downtime Tracking and Accountability Module. This package allows the operator to notify others of an urgent need and records that incident as downtime. The system instantly alerts the appropriate contact of a station being down. An infinite amount of control boxes can be positioned around your plant, all managed by the DownAlert Module in conjunction with ECI's InterLink™ software .

This station will also work in conjunction with ECI’s OverView™ System to display on the signs throughout the assembly line specific operator needs and the location of that operator. Other options include e-mail or voice paging alerts to maintenance or supervisory personnel.

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Possible Components:

• Infinite pushbutton boxes located at operator stations throughout the assembly line

• Switches to notify supervisors, maintenance, material suppliers and more

• Light Indicators to clearly identify the station as being down



• Increased downtime tracking and accountability

* Enhanced downtime prevention

• Efficient alerting system for maximum uptime

• Integrated with ECI's IPCS for data retrieval and complete networking

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software


Alert Options:

• Industrial OverView™ sign integration

• E-mail or voice paging

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