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wip tracking

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WIP Log™ is a WIP tracking software for manufacturing that greatly enhances the efficiency of off-line assembly processes. Using a computer monitor, operators view units in real-time, by model number, as they appear on the assembly line.

Providing real-time feedback of all units in production, WIP Log tracking improves your manufacturing work flow and enhances line efficiency in a Demand Stream work environment.

By tracking your Work in Progress with ECI's WIP software you'll be able to produce only what is needed and eliminate surplus.

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• Plug-in WIP software module

• Provides real-time information of all units in production, tracking by serial number

• Launch Electronic Operational Method Sheets directly from WIP software screen as needed

• Windows® platform software

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software



• Placement flexibility, integrating with any IPCS module or as a stand-alone station anywhere in your manufacturing plant

• Eliminates surplus—assemble only what is needed

• Real-time WIP tracking software improves work-flow

• Enhances process efficiency


Areas of Use:

• Compressor lay-in

• Outdoor fan assembly

• Blower assembly

• Control box assembly

• Any sub-assembly process

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