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ECIMOS specializes in customizing our automated manufacturing equipment to meet your specific needs. As a customized-solutions provider, we have the unique ability to combine two or more ECIMOS stations into a single automated process station. There are several reasons why a manufacturing facility may choose this method over separate stations:

• Save floor-space
• Use one PC and scanner
• Repair areas
• Fewer operators
• Special processing needs

automated manufacturing equipment

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Evac/Charge/Run Test/Refrigerant Reclaim (pictured above)
Designed for the automated manufacturing of commercial split system air conditioners, this custom combination system is a one-stop process solution. A single computer controls the following sequence of operation:

• Hook-up and scan model/serial number

•Evac to pre-determined pressure level

• Automated vacuum decay check

• Charge refrigerant (100% of capacity)

• Perform Hipot test

• Perform functional test with evaporator

• Reclaim refrigerant into condenser to specified holding charge pressure

• Reclaim remaining refrigerant into reclamation system

• Record all collected data to Microsoft® SQL Server® database

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software



• Save floor-space

• Use one PC and scanner

• Repair areas—for example, combining helium leak test and evac/charge allows units to bypass these stations when re-entered on the assembly line

• One operator manages multiple processes simultaneously

• Special processing needs—some manufacturing processes require combining stations



• Custom equipment configurations

• Touch screen monitor

• Cordless or fixed bar code scanner

• Customer specified PC

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