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Conveyor Technology & Alarms



ECI's firm grasp on conveyor technology and alarms can help you significantly cut downtime. In the world of manufacturing, time is money—big money. Downtime dramatically reduces profitability. The capacity to immediately identify and remedy a problem with your conveyor system is invaluable. Enter ECI’s GateKeeper™—the complete solution for conveyor diagnostics, alarms and downtime analysis. A networked PC provides a user-friendly interface to your conveyor system’s PLC. The system allows immediate diagnosis of conveyor-related downtime and problem areas. Supervisors and maintenance personnel, as well as any other specified employees, receive instant, visual and audible notification of conveyor problems.

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In Case of Downtime:

• OverView™ signs display informative messages regarding conveyor status

• Light stacks illumine to identify problem zone

• Optional horn is sounded

• Page is automatically transmitted over the plant-wide intercom/paging system (pre-recorded human voice or computer-generated)

• Email alarms are sent to customizable list of supervisors, managers, and maintenance personnel

• Computer monitor indicates problem area on the conveyor line and possible solution

• Downtime events recorded to Microsoft® SQL Server® database


Major Hardware:

• An industrial control panel contains all digital I/O used to energize light-stacks at key-points along the assembly line

• Light stacks above each conveyor zone

• Audible conveyor alarms / horns

• OverView™ display signs

• Networked PC interface to conveyor PLC

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software


Reporting Capabilities :

• Date/time

• Line

• Shift

• Conveyor zone

• Solution

• Time from downtime until re-start

• Responsible supervisors, maintenance, and managers

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