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Refrigerant Conversion by ECI

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ECI has the experience and expertise you need to help you make a seamless conversion into new alternative refrigerants. DualCharge™, ECI's Dual Refrigerant Evacuation and Charging Station, is essentially two charge boards in one. It uses one computer and one barcode reader to retrieve the parameters. There is no downtime due to product changeover because the system contains two completely independent refrigerant circuits consisting of two batch controllers and two turbine flow meters equipped with temperature compensation. The system contains two sets of guns—one for each refrigerant. The guns are designed with different fittings. For example PCU for R-22 and Hansen for R-410A. This feature makes it physically impossible to connect the wrong set of guns to a unit.

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Alternative Refrigerants :

For more than four decades, R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice for manufacturers of residential heat pumps and air conditioners. Recent studies, however, have shown that hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) such as R-22 contribute to the depletion of our planet’s ozone. Consequently the EPA has issued an aggressive “phase out schedule” for HCFCs, leading manufacturers to investigate efficient ways to transition to ozone friendly, EPA approved, new alternative refrigerants like R-410A.

ECI stands at the ready to help your company make that conversion. The industry leader in HVAC/R testing and process control equipment, ECI offers a wide range of services and products that will assist your plant with the seamless introduction of alternative refrigerants.


• Ideal for helping transition into new alternative refrigerants, such as R-410A

• Each station is stand-alone, providing inherent backup

• No loss of vacuum between evacuation and charging

• New leading edge moisture evacuation technology

• Runs on network or local drive for 100% uptime

• Complete refrigerant accountability (each station reclaims the normally vented gas)

• Password protected, user-friendly setting of control limits

• Interlocks with all ECI IPCS stations

• Barcode reader retrieves evacuation parameters and charge weights automatically

• Computer-controlled sequence of operation



• PC with NIC

• Barcode reader

• 21CFM Leybold vacuum pump

• Two independent refrigerant circuits

• Two charging guns

• Two evacuation guns

• Fully customizable hardware layout and connection design

• Programmable test parameters

• Displays average cycle time and quantity of units through station

• Refrigerant temperature compensation

• Windows® platform

• Calibration software included

• Computer controlled sequence of operations

• Manual screen for maintenance control of I/O to aid in troubleshooting

• Display of plant refrigerant pressure

• Real time display or graph of all process variables: vacuum, flow rate, inputs, outputs, etc

• Microsoft® SQL Server® database

Powered by InterLink™, Integrated Process Control Software



• Capable of oil charging

• Real-time moisture analysis

• Touch screen monitor

• Custom unit connections

• Cordless or fixed bar code scanner

• Capable of scanning key components

• Customer specified PC

Services Needed:

• Electric: 110V, 15A service

• Adequate refrigerant pressure and/or oil supply for charging

• Plant air

• Vacuum pump service/disconnect

Service Commitment:

• On-site start-up assistance

• On-site training

• Lifetime software warranty


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