For more than twenty years, ECI has been a leading developer of computer integrated solutions for some of the world's largest manufacturing facilities.
ECI's core markets since 1984 have been conveyor controls, refrigerant charging, electrical testing, leak testing, and quality control systems.

With more than 680 system installations in 5 different countries, ECI has spoken with hundreds of Quality Assurance Managers and Production Engineers. In those discussions we noticed a reoccuring theme:

"Our number one source for defects is operator error."

That set us down the path of developing RealityPV™. For beta testing ECI chose the most complex part of a typical large appliance assembly--the control box. We reasoned that if we could make it work here, we could make it work anywhere.

View the movie at left to see the results. RealityPV makes it so easy that you could practically pull strangers off the street to assemble complex units!

Call ECI today at 901-854-8088 to learn how RealityPV will eliminate errors and increase productivity in your plant:


ECI At A Glance:

• Incorporated in 1984

• Inventors of the Integrated Process Control System (IPCS)

• Serving manufacturing giants like Carrier, York, Lennox, Viking, and Nordyne

• Recognized authorities on Quality Control technology

• Developers of RealityPV™ (patent-pending)





RealityPV™ is a patented application by ECIMOS, LLC.
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