One thing leads to another. By reducing operator errors you reduce your turnback rate. You also improve your first-time pass yield at run test. Most importantly, you provide your customers consistent quality, which is, in turn, rewarded by lower warranty costs, higher repeat sales and positive word-of-mouth advertising.

It is always more cost efficient to get the job done right the first time.

"I am convinced the cost opportunity in front of us of real quality is easily $2 billion a year. We could double operating income in UTC with perfect quality.”

Mr. George David, UTC Chairman and CEO
Ito University–Opening Remarks, July 13, 1998

1. Increase the productivity of your workforce.

2. Eliminate costly reworks by enabling assemblers to get it right the first time.

3. Reduce in-field unit failures and warranty costs.

4. Reduce skill level requirements and adjust pay scales accordingly.

5. Transcend language and literacy barriers.

6. Train new operators on the fly.

7. Respond quickly to employee absences with fill-in operators.

8. Reduce scrap and downtime by eliminating operator errors.

9. Replace cryptic wiring diagrams and paper-based work instructions.

10. Set the work pace with RealityPV's programmable step timers.





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